EGM help set a new standard for driving ranges at The Hertsmere

Posted on: May 17th 2022    •    Posted in: EGM News

The Hertsmere opened their refurbished driving range in December 2021 with the full gamut of EGM products. Each bay is fully equipped with ball tracking technology and the range went on to win the inaugural Toptracer Range “Top Appearance Award 2022”. Tony Nelli of EGM said “We are proud to be associated with one of […]

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Ufford Park Golf Club Installation

Posted on: June 19th 2018    •    Posted in: EGM News, New Installations

Our engineers completed an install yesterday at Ufford Park Golf Range in Suffolk. They have updated their Ball Dispensing facility to accept additional payment methods. Customers now have the flexibilty of paying via contactless, barcodes, member cards and coins.  

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Redbourn Golf Club: Installation

Posted on: July 7th 2017    •    Posted in: EGM News

What a transformation!! This is an excellent example of the way installing new Bay Dividers can totally update and radically change the appearance of a Golf Range. Redbourns old green bay dividers have been replaced by the metal Teardrop Divider in black with an additional return rail for safety.  The whole appearance of the range […]

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Rangeball UK are pleased to announce we’ve established a partnership with Nightsports USA as their sole UK distributor for UK, Ireland and Europe for all products

Posted on: February 27th 2017    •    Posted in: EGM News

  Why play golf at night? Players love something different, it brings some fun and excitement to the game, a different challenge! All golf clubs are looking to increase their profits and number of members and night golf helps to encourage younger players to get off their Playstations and Xbox’s and get active!   More […]

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