Chipping Target: In action recently at Boston West Golf Club Driving Range

Posted on: May 8th 2018    •    Posted in: Products, Rangeball News

Following our recent launch of our new exciting line-up of driving range chipping targets for the practice outfield; we have now developed a lighting pack which can be ordered separately. The light is activated by the motion of the ball hitting its surface, thus confirming to the golfer that the target has been hit.  Its […]

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Large Chipping Target: New Product

Posted on: January 29th 2018    •    Posted in: Products, Rangeball News

Recently, we launched our new, exciting line-up of chipping targets for the practice outfield. Measuring at approximately 1 metre square, these targets are perfect for short range practice. We were pleased with the positive response, and have taken note of our customers first impressions. Based on this feedback, we have developed the RBT4:  a 1.5 […]

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Bay Dividers: New Product

Posted on: January 29th 2018    •    Posted in: EGM News, Products

EGM are pleased to announce the addition of an exciting premium product to the Bay Divider range. Our best-selling Mk2 dividers and all associated railing are now available in a range-topping Stainless Steel finish, offering the very best in both form and function. These new products are manufactured from a similar steel to what is […]

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EGM installation: Worthing GC

EGM installation: Worthing GC

Posted on: March 11th 2014    •    Posted in: Products

We recently were tasked with providing Worthing Golf Club, in West Sussex, with new equipment for their new range. The equipment included our ‘Mk.2’ bay dividers in blue and white, along with a Club 6 ball dispenser with an EGM contactless payment system fitted. Range distance markers and other accessories were also provided.

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Teaching mats return to our range

Posted on: March 31st 2012    •    Posted in: Products

After the old style of our teaching mats were discontinued last year, we have sourced a new supplier. The new mats are already proving to be popular- the dimensions allow them to be used with our ‘Mat Keeper’ rubber surround. One tee hole position is provided on each edge, as well as positioning and alignment […]

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The new Wireless Card Payment System

Posted on: October 28th 2011    •    Posted in: Products

Introducing the newest payment system from EGM! Our new system has been developed to take advantage of current contactless smart card technology. This means that no abrasive contact is needed between the plastic card and it’s reader , and unlike mag stripe and other pre-validated cards, they can be re-charged time and again. The system […]

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E-S-P introduced

Interface to E-S-P introduced

Posted on: May 1st 2011    •    Posted in: Products

Due to a new software development, it is now possible to link any network capable EGM ball dispenser to E-S-P’s comprehensive site management software. More information on ESP products can be found at This new development adds yet another software provider to our authorised list.

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