Norwich Family Golf Centre

Posted on: August 8th 2016    •    Posted in: EGM News, New Installations

Located just outside of Norwich, the Family Golf Centre has recently been fitted out with EGM Mk3 bespoke teardrop dividers and rear rails. The dividers and rails were installed by our team over a two day period, with the help of staff on premises. Previously, the range used carpeted wooden dividers. More information on the […]

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2017 Mule Pro SX Announced

Posted on: June 10th 2016    •    Posted in: EGM News, New Installations

Kawasaki have just announced that the trusted Mule 600/610 Series will be replaced by a new model. The new 2017 Mule SX promises to retain the simple, rugged reliability as the outgoing model, whilst building on these points to give customers their best experience yet.

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Greetham Valley Bay Dividers

Greetham Valley Refurbishment

Posted on: May 18th 2016    •    Posted in: EGM News, New Installations

As part of their recent refurbishment of the driving range, Greetham Valley consulted EGM on the supply of new range mats, padded stanchion covers, and our increasingly popular Mk2 Teardrop bay divider. The dividers were installed by us in the space of one day, and completed the new modern look that the customer was looking […]

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Cranfield Golf Academy

Dispenser update: Cranfield Golf Academy @ Chadwell Heath

Posted on: March 19th 2014    •    Posted in: Archived News, EGM News

Pictured is Simon Preston of the Cranfield Golf Academy, who recently made the decision to update their existing EGM ball dispenser setup at Chadwell Heath to incorporate a bespoke twin-outlet model. The existing setup on the site consisted of two one-off machines built to customer requirements, and had worked reliably for a number of years […]

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New installation: Glendale Golf @ Richmond Park GC

Posted on: March 11th 2014    •    Posted in: EGM News

We have just completed an installation at the new golf range on Glendale Golf’s Richmond Park venue.  The equipment supplied includes our popular ‘Mk.2’ bay dividers in green/white and a standalone ‘S’ series EGM ball dispenser with our contactless payment system fitted. The equipment was installed by our in-house team. The photos can also be […]

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New Installation at Brentwood Park

Posted on: August 14th 2013    •    Posted in: EGM News

Brentwoord Park Golf Club have recently chosen European Golf Machinery for the refurbishment of their driving range. Back in February 2013 EGM Netted dividers were fitted at the range (see image below) EGM have completed the first phase and the rest of the new refurbishment is in progress.

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Aintree Golf Centre

Posted on: December 12th 2012    •    Posted in: EGM News

EGM’s Northern Agent, Phil Bailey, has recently installed a Dual Outlet 30,000 capacity Dispenser at Liverpool’s Aintree Golf Centre. The PC linked machine is a cashless unit and customers can use their member card or paper barcode voucher to obtain balls.  The units are linked to a server running Crossover XBall software.

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Kingsway Golf Centre

Posted on: December 12th 2012    •    Posted in: EGM News

Kingsway Golf Centre at Melbourne, Cambridge, have taken delivery of two 22,000 capacity, single ball count computerised dispensers.  One machine is situated on each wing of the driving range.  They are linked to terminals in the bar and reception area where customers can obtain bar-coded vouchers if they are not loyalty card holders. Crossover Technology […]

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New Installation – Birchwood Park Golf Club

Posted on: June 7th 2012    •    Posted in: EGM News

Birchwood Park Golf Club, a member of the Burhill Golf & Leisure Group, is located in Dartford, Kent. The venue boasts impressive facilities and has just upgraded the practice range to house a twin Behind The Wall dispenser system from EGM. The new dual-dispenser setup integrates with the existing E-S-P site management software, allowing our […]

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Golf Du Sart, Lille

New Installation – Golf Du Sart, Lille, Northern France

Posted on: May 17th 2012    •    Posted in: EGM News, New Installations

Our French equipment distributor, Antoine Leleu of TPG Golf, specified a new EGM Behind the Wall system for his home course. The new system needed to fit entirely into a wooden building that previously housed two standalone dispensers, and hold approximately 15000 balls- as well a Semi Auto 2000 ball washer. The system is not […]

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