The new Wireless Card Payment System

Posted on: October 28th 2011    •    Posted in: Products

Introducing the newest payment system from EGM!
Our new system has been developed to take advantage of current contactless smart card technology. This means that no abrasive contact is needed between the plastic card and it’s reader , and unlike mag stripe and other pre-validated cards, they can be re-charged time and again. The system has both economic and environmental benefits over other designs.

What do I need?
3 parts in total are required for the system to operate.

A panel mounted reader for the end user
RFID cards
Hand-held Card Programmer

How does the system work?
The range owner is issued with an admin card, encrypted with an exclusive, site specific code, with the option of up to six user groups to allow him to manage his customers. When offered up to the card reader on his dispenser, the code is transferred to it. This means that customer cards issued by him will be the only cards that can work with this dispenser!
To sell pre-paid ball vends to his customers, the range owner uses a hand- held card charger to upload credits in whatever multiples he chooses.
When the hand held charger needs replenishing with credits, it is loaded by transferring them from a top-up master card, available from EGM.
Our new system means that you have direct and complete on-site control of member credits and rates.
With some older designs of pre-validated ‘throw away’ cards,many sites could have the same code, leading to loss of revenue. This is the primary reason why our system now has specific encryption for every site, meaning total confidence in security. If required the cards can be printed with your details.

What happens when I decide to order the new system?
If you have an existing pre-validated card reader and decide to upgrade to a new RFID system from EGM, there is every chance that it will fit into the existing panel on your machine. We will supply instructions on how to install yourself or we can quote for fitting. The units are 12volt DC and can be made compatible with most brands of dispenser.

What if I have more than one dispenser?
You can programme as many card readers as you like with your site specific admin card. Your customers will be able to use their card on any of the machines programmed with your admin card. You will only need one hand-held card charger for each site. There is a mains powered charger, similar to a phone charger, for this unit.

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